What is a cookie?


Cookies are small text files which website stores in your computer or mobile device as you visit respective website.


Cookies contains website name, validity and value. Your browser will load these files during your next visit of respective website and send them to the website of origin.


Cookies we use do not harm your computer. Each visitor of our websites has the right to decide freely whether this visitor agrees with storing cookies. We respect if you do not provide us a consent to store cookies. However, we strongly recommend allowing cookies storage in order to fully use our websites.


What cookies do we use?


KM Technology, spol. s r.o. uses following cookies:


Basic cookies


These cookies are created and controlled by KM Technology, spol. s r.o. exclusively. They form a basis for correct website operation and allows using basic functions, e.g. remembering login credentials, allowing access to specific locations without necessity to login again, filling forms etc. We could not fully provide correct website operation without these cookies. If you forbid these cookies, we can not guarantee smooth website operation and filling respective forms.


Third party cookies

These cookies helps us to analyze visits of our websites. KM Technology uses Google Analytics tool, where we do not have an option to affect storing these cookies. You can find more about Google cookies policy here.


How is it possible to adjust settings?

A cookie banner with an option to accept, reject and read more about cookies will be displayed to every visitor of our website:

- during the first fisit of our website,

- after cookies expiration

- during the first visit after deleting cookies.