If you have already read our previous articles (if not, feel free to do so), you had an opportunity to take a brief look into IoT world and an application of this technology in real projects. This article will not be different – you will read about making energy consumption measurement in companies and households simpler using the remote meter reading.


How does it work?

IoT meters or gauges – water-gauges, electrometers or heat cost allocators measure and send data to the central server or the cloud storage. They are powered by a battery with more than 10 years lifespan, which easily covers more than two cycles of periodic calibration.

Collected data are processed, analyzed and visualized in our software platform (KM Data Analyzer) with simple and user-friendly interface.

In complex coordination with other wireless sensors – open window / door sensor, natural / artificial light ratio sensor or CO2 sensor, we can prepare valuable outputs. Energy management optimization, followed by costs reduction can be calculated subsequently.


Administrative buildings

One of our target groups are property management companies, where we offer a simple solution for transparent, fair and accurate energy consumption billing to tenants.

The first measured value is the heat energy, consumed on area heating. Each heating device is equipped with the wireless meter, measuring amount of heat delivered and overall operating time. Complex IoT sensors are able even to monitor window openings, thus providing an additional information about heating efficiency.

Consumed electric energy is the second measured value. Each tenant owns the IoT electricity meter. At last, we measure water, even gas consumption as well.

Acquired data are sent directly to property managers and analyzed by our software platform. Property managers have a simple access to automatically generated, transparent visualizations. Data outputs are integratable with company ERP software which gives us possibility of simple and effective billing. All of this is possible without need to physically visit the tenant and read respective gauges.


Flat houses

Deploying IoT meters in flat houses is simple and brings us mainly comfort, transparency and cost savings for both sides – property managers and flat owners.

Remote meter readings also solve quite common issue arising especially during regular physical meter readings (some of which are located inside private space). What if flat owner cannot provide an access to meters? IoT devices means no disturbance as almost all needed is handled remotely.


Industrial areas

We meet with an interest for IoT remote energy meter readings in industrial areas even more often.

Our customers are able to easily check several levels of real energy consumption – from overall one to the single device or a production line. Employees are relieved from regular physical readings, often with inevitable hard-to-access locations as shafts, cellars etc.