Administering corporate IT infrastructure is the long run. Keeping it secure and trouble-free requires regular hardware maintenance, thorough software administration, regular updates and proper response to security threats.

Growing workload of IT administrators is directly dependent on increasing quantity of computing devices (onwards referred as “endpoints”), digital transformation and company expansion.

Manually administering small number of endpoints is quite acceptable. However, there is nothing to envy IT administrators if you imagine manual software installation or configuration of hundreds of devices.

Complex, centralized endpoint management can help you to effectively achieve highly secure, transparent and functional IT ecosystem in time and cost saving way.

Endpoint Central is the right tool for the job, currently administering approximately 7 million endpoints in more than 12 000 companies.


What can Endpoint Central do?

Endpoint Central is a complex tool that helps administrators to manage endpoints registered in a corporate network anytime and anywhere utilizing an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

The whole system is highly secure and compliant with personal data protection policies. It goes without saying that Endpoint Central is fully compatible with user and domain management systems (e.g. Active Directory), therefore able to create users and groups with various user rights and multiple possibilities of authentication.

Let’s take a closer look at some of Endpoint Central’s basic features.


Patch management

Fully automated software patch management for Windows, Mac and Linux as well as 600+ frequently used third-party applications.

Endpoint Central regularly scan devices within company IT network, identifying and highlighting security threats, vulnerabilities, available patches and updates. It even suggests resolutions for discovered discrepancies.

It allows administrators to create advanced deployment policies, so patches, OS and application updates can be planned in order to not interfere with users' working time; separately for different groups and a lot more.


Software deployment

An automated software packages distribution with large number of up-to-date templates (current releases of commonly used applications) across all devices.

This feature is priceless when great quantity of devices needs to be administered. Endpoint Central ensures consistent software installation on all endpoints. At the same time, it offers a wide range of software permission options in order to increase the cyber security level of an IT environment.

End users can utilize another interesting feature – a self service portal which enables one-click installation of software approved by an internal policy.


Mobile device management

Thanks to the Endpoint Central’s architecture even devices outside corporate network can be administered without necessity of a VPN connection.

This feature includes:

  • OS and application updates
  • application and content management
  • company profile and settings management
  • device security management
  • geolocation
  • fast, simple and secure onboarding process in case of BYOD (bring your own device) policy.


Browser management

Virtually unlimited access to the internet can be breeding ground for cyber-attacks abusing unwariness or lack of users’ knowledge. Therefore, hardening browsers’ security is crucial for the company infrastructure and users’ data protection. Endpoint Central can collect internet usage statistics providing useful insights for system administrators, who, based on that, can apply safe, bulk configuration.


Inventory administration

Endpoint Central performs deep scans of all endpoints resulting in a complex overview of both installed software and hardware. Inventory administration is much easier and transparent thanks to this feature.

Among functions worth mentioning are software licenses management, alerting in case software and hardware modification identification or an end of devices’ warranty / licenses expiration reminder.


Remote control

Powerful and secure remote-control tool helps administrators with effective endpoints troubleshooting. Endpoint Central offers:

  • multiple screens sharing
  • file transfer
  • integrated communication (chat, voice, video)
  • full device control ability (by blocking user inputs)
  • administrator interface control in the background without interfering with user’s work
  • session recording
  • remote shutdown, restart and wake-on-LAN.

Nevertheless, users’ privacy and availability are highly respected, therefore requesting consent with the remote control from current user is the part of Endpoint Central’s features.


Endpoint Central helps IT administrators with routine tasks automation, provides detailed insights to endpoints status and offers powerful toolkit, necessary to effectively achieve secure, consistent and transparent IT ecosystem.